The Community School (TCS) is registered and licensed by the Alabama Department of Education and all of its faculty members are required to comply to the same standards as public school teachers. They must have teacher certifications, qualified and actively pursuing certification, or teaching in the field in which they majored. TCS administrators, faculty and staff are committed educational professionals who care about the educational and spiritual well-being of their students.

Mission Statement

Building Tomorrow’s Community Today.

Purpose Statement

We proactively exist to provide a high level of education for all students based on their academic level while instilling biblical principles and guiding students towards understanding the purpose for which God has made them.


Our classrooms are exceptionally designed for appropriate grade levels.


We require teachers to hold degrees, certification and extensive experience in their area of expertise. It is our goal to have the best teachers possible.

Our Schedule

The Community School operates Monday through Thursday. To ensure excellent education, TCS class sizes will remain at a ratio of 1 teacher to 16 students for all K-6th grade classes. With our small class sizes, we will exceed the required amount of teaching hours per week according to the state law.